Friday, September 25, 2009


Now that JP has implanted some Ripper Tech, I knew there was something we were neglecting regarding his sanity.

Here is the technical information on Reason:

A hero’s Reason modifies all Spirit and Spirit based skill rolls, rolls on the Fright Table, as well as all Knowledge (Rippertech) rolls made during the creation or implanting of Rippertech. If you ever roll a 1 on any such check (regardless of the result of the Wild Die), your hero’s Reason is reduced by 1. Any time you improve your hero’s Spirit die type, you also add 1 to his Reason. As long as your hero has no Rippertech implants, his Reason cannot go below 0.

So - we will need to check everyone's Reason next time we play.

+1 for anyone to have increased their Spirit die type